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05-01-2001 relinquished - curiosity

It Starts All Over Again

I really didn't think that I would be updating this again for awhile but I guess that I just got bored enough to do so.

It would seem that people around me aren't all that happy. For the first time in months I am one of the happier people I know. What with "relationship" angst (which tends to be the primary cause of stress)and the whole "what am I going to do with myself this year" thing.
I've decided to take that as it comes as well as the relationship "thing" too. Afterall, things(r)don't need prompting as much as I used to think that they did. Awkward silences have ceased to exist just because I don't stress about them anymore.

Less stress = lower blood pressure
Lower blood pressure = less likelihood of death
Less likelihood of death = A good thing.

My New Years eve celebrations were anything less than what was expected to be "exciting" but I still had fun.
Mike picked me up and we cruised over to Stevens plave for a few drinks before we walked down to Charles' flat. A nive little 5 minute walk in a heavy downpour - the only night which I chose to wear silk and suede, bad idea.
So we ended up having a bbq on the verandah and watched a couple of girlies having a scrapy, hair pulling type fight across the road while thier respective boyfriends stood and watched. One of the girls ended up rather soggy from laying on the ground and being punched in the face repeatedly. Mildly amusing after a few drinkies.
After all was said and done and eaten there we, the collective we, Steven, Blair, Charles, Mike, Stuart and myself ended up walking to Angela's party but I veered off home and stuck around there til about 11:30 then wandered off to kitt's place. Met up with Ash on the way and the three of us ended up playing 3d frogga until 3am, all in all a rather interesting New Years eve. :o)

The last few days have been pretty good, went to the doctor today for the usual stuff and he spent more time asking me about personal stuff like my course and how the family is and things. I was in there for ages and he charged me $10, he said
"You're a student, I'm a doctor, I don't need your hard earned money."
Rather nice of him I think :)
My puter died a rather nasty and unusual death. Well not that unusual, the Primary HDD just decided to stop working after only 8 weeks use. Blah blah blah, warrenties, blah, blah, get it replaced yada yada yada. It's good having someone around who knows how to fix these kinda things though.

Time for me to get some sleep I think


relinquished - curiosity