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05-09-2000 relinquished - curiosity

Send someone to love me
I need to rest in arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

Robbie Williams

I'm really starting to like this new Robbie Williams CD. He's a character.

I bought my new T.V today. 29" Sharp with Nicam stereo and all the bizzo. Be able to enjoy vids a bit more now. All depending on the company of course *g*

Got myself a timely little email from the South Pole. So come this November I'll be showing my mate from Alaska what the beaches in Christchurch are all about. Can't really imagine a American living in Alaska, wintering over in the South Pole as much of a beach bum but yet he claims to be.

Stephen will be back by then too (hopefully) and he mentioned something bout buying a house when he gets back, so that will be more fun than having to go out to Burnham camp all the time. Oh and Rach will move down to chch too! Will be good to have them both close by again:)

Someone said to me the other day
"I need to get a different social group of friends and get away from the IRC crowd"
It's quite a toxic wee environment really. He's right in a way but the one thing that makes it so "toxic" is the Shortland street factor. Once certain people "do the rounds" it becomes harder and harder for everyone to stay on good terms. Been there before in the past (one of the main reasons I took a year away from the Internet)After four years of knowing certain people from IRC I know who my friends are. They're the ones who don't need their computer to stay in touch with me :)Also, having friends that aren't "computer people" helps too. getting away from it every now and then and going to a movie with someone who doesn't know what IRC stands for is a healthy way to live.

I'm not 100% well at present and I think it was because I was in a room full of cigarette smoke on saturday night. *hack hack* gonna have to stay away from smokers for awhile. Or at least just stay in rooms with fresh air.

Purchasing a television from a young male sales assistant is a most fun experience. Subtletly wasn't his forte yet I used his amatuer spading technique to my advantage and got a decent discount. He flustered himself a few times and managed to close the til drawer before getting my change. I think he wanted the ground to swallow him up 'cos he had to go get the manager to put in the code to get the drawer to open again. All the time explaining how the computer system worked so that no one could manually open the til. Which I knew all about from when I was in retail myself but I let him think he was all "smart and manly" for knowing that stuff.

I feel an upgrade coming on. I have 6 weeks to wait for my new puter from my course when I graduate but I think I shall still upgrade this here beast(?) and get it working proper like. New Ram needed for a start. CPU, motherboard, not a monitor tho. Perhaps even a CD-Rom cos mine is fux0red. Damn...hows about I just go out and buy a new one and biff this one in the tip. Perhaps I could write to Sally Jessy Raphael and ask for free stuff(tm). No one else I know would give me free stuff(tm). : Bah... it's way more fun buying things :) With cash that you may or may not have worked for.

I can now beat my computer at scrabble at 55%
I got asked out and said "no"
I am looking forward to my weekend. (going to see some people that I haven't seen in awhile, it should be interesting.)
Need to work lots more and work alot harder on my assignments.
Have to graduate in 6 weeks.
looking forward to my holiday.

*beware g33ks bearing Gifs*

relinquished - curiosity